Kraan & Baan Techniek Nederland  (K&BT) is a crane runway construction company with over 40 years experience in all types of crane tracks for the concrete industry and steel industry. Installing a runway is specialist work. For everything to do with rail bound transport systems, Kraan & Baan Techniek Nederland  has a solution to a problem.

Business Relations 

Kraan & Baan Techniek Nederland  is a small company that has no large overhead, knows what its customers want and what they may expect from K&BT. Therefore, we take care of our clients,so they have less failures and no high costs to the cranes and runways.

Business Relationships

Kraan & Baan Techniek Nederland maintains business relationships at home and abroad. 

Below are some companies which have a good cooperation with Kraan & Baan Techniek Nederland for years.

Kraan & Baan Techniek

Kraan & Baan Techniek Nederland  is a trusted partner in the maintainance of runways, crane and steelconstructions. We see the commands of our relationships always as a challenge and take this on with 100% confidence and commitment. Kraan & Baan Techniek Nederland  doesn't leave it's relations with troubles but will in good agreement with these relationships solve these problems.

Installation of crane runways

The runway is installed by our skilled people from A to Z. They measure your runway and install it with this data within specified tolerances. Of this a measurement report is made and in which you can find the exact placement of your runway.

Repairs of current runways

We do not only install new crane runways. We also repair your already built runways. A final report with the correct measurements is made to demonstrate that your runway is placed within the tolerance. This ensures a smooth operation of the cranes and a minimum wear of the crane runways in the future.

Ancilarry activities of Kraan & Baan Techniek

• Repairs, inspections and maintenance of steel structures.
• Making walking and machine platforms as you wish.
• Perform assembly and disassembly of structures and machines.
• The installation of fall protections.
• Painting of cranes and structures.

Knowledge of runways

Kraan & Baan Techniek has all the tools, knowledge and experience to realize a perfect runway, in a very short time, for you. We work with our own materials and transport.

Professional business

In short, Kraan & Baan Techniek is a company where you can count on 24hours a day, 7 days a week.  Throughout the year we solve problems on cranes, runways and structures with a team of skilled employees.